The UFC is a mixed martial art or MMA promotion company based in Las Vegas. It is the largest MMA promotion company in the world and on its roster the highest-level fighters in the sport.

The UFC produces events worldwide and has held over 500 events to date and is now a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC was performing well in the U.S.A but they had yet to get a licence to hold fights in Canada.

As a fan of the sport, I used insight and intelligence and research to find out when the first fight was to be held in Canada.

I know this would be of interest for the readers of Inside Entertainment as MMA was popular but still had an underground following and the UFC was working hard to make the sport mainstream.

I was responsible for all marketing and strategy on the project as well as coordinating an exclusive deal for Inside Entertainment to be the only publication to advertise the fight for the Bell Centre in Montreal. I was given exclusive images and access to the pre-fight media scrums.

I executed a competition via Inside Entertainment and sent two lucky winners to Montreal to see the fight ringside.

Rodgers Canada had the rights to the PPV in Canada and I secured advertising from them as well as follow up press from the event.

A relationship was built and I secured further advertising campaigns from the UFC and sent more competition winners to a UFC event in Las Vegas later that year.




Zuffa, LLC

What I did

Marketing • Events • Competition • Advertising • Sponsorship


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