The Hygieia Outliers, a thriller by Jean-Pierre Gilbert and the first chapter in the Malebranche Prophecies series.

Losing his mother to an ‘adverse drug reaction,’ Consultant Dr Jacob Cammack is determined to find out just why she died of taking the cure, what’s more, just who is responsible.

Haunted by her dying words,

‘I think I missed my life,’ his quest for answers puts him against malevolent forces, sending him into dark places where the truth is buried deep and dirty.

Three years on, in the wake of 911, soliciting help from his ‘computer hacker’ friend Axel Gürtner, the pair stumbles into the middle of a trillion-dollar conspiracy. Guarding information they simply shouldn’t have, data that threatened the entire establishment, suddenly their lives on the line and their choices are primal and clear; fight, or flight!

Choosing the latter, they confront the enemy on home soil, determined to uncover the truth behind the truth and in so doing, exposing the conspiracy for what it is;

 ‘The biggest heist played out on humanity!’

Jean-Pierre Gilbert commissioned me to market and project manage his new thriller. I published the Hygieia Outliers on Amazon print on demand as well as the ebook on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) this included setting the book to the Amazon and KDP structure and guidelines.

I collaborated with a Liverpool based film production company to produce a book trailer video.  This included sourcing securing professional voice talent for the voiceover. The voice had to represent a specific region of the U.S.A and the author was very specific about the tone of not just the voice but the video.

A part of the marketing mix, I set up and ran the social media channels for The Hygieia Outliers.

Once the trailer was complete I organised a reveal party at One Fine Day Liverpool for the launch of the trailer. The party included a band that played American swing music in top hat and tails. Canapes and drink were served and Jean-Pierre Gilbert signed copies of the book for guests.

I wanted something for the guests to take away and enjoy but I also wanted something fun and memorable that people would talk about. I contacted Mars confectionary and had branded M&Ms created for the event. The M&Ms were packaged in a clear pill-box. The boxes were placed around the venue for the guests to enjoy, needless to say, the guests enjoyed.


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The Malebranche Prophecies.

The new thriller by Jean-Peirre Gilbert.