Film and Photography

72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds with 92% of mobile video viewers sharing content.

At Synergy Dynamic we understand that when visiting a website most visitors will engage with your website and stay on your website longer if there is video.

The same can be said about photography be it product photography or corporate headshots of your team.

Potential customers want to know who they are dealing with and adding interesting photos to your site is key.

Note the word “interesting”

Anybody can take a photo of you and your team and bang them onto your website but if they don’t tell a story then you may as well use placeholders.

Synergy Dynamic understands that dynamic images and storytelling engage the visitors to your website on a whole new level.

There are so many benefits to an engaging video on your website.

A great video can be entertaining as well as getting your message across and give your company a personality.

Video can also drive traffic to your website and it will make you stand out from your competition.

People digest information and also retain information from a video so a good video can really help to strengthen your brand.

A well-produced video can make customers return to your website and tell others to visit your website and a great video will be remembered for a long time.